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  1. Wonder

    I believe you have to first make a decision to believe in Jesus no matter what is going on in your life. Once you believe in Jesus and confess He is God, you then are accepted into God’s family. Now is the part that I believe God will make you into a young new life. Basically reborn. This new life is when reading the Bible and trusting in God for everything. By doing this God will make you a new person. This is when the sin in your life seems to start going away. You will always sin because no one is perfect but you do see the transformation.

    Before I was a new person in God, I didn’t really care about what I did. Once I found God I believe He has revealed to me how and what He wants me to do.

    So if asked can a liar, murderer, a person that is active in sin, or whatever, I believe you can sin and be a believer. If you continue to sin I don’t think you really believe.

    What are your views? Does someone have a different thought?

    Let me know your thoughts…

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