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  1. Wonder

    It is very important. I know that there is something that created me and for a purpose. I’ve searched everywhere and when I found Christianity I realized that this God of the universe came to earth in human form called Jesus Christ. This life was an example of how we should live. He then gave His life for me. He forgave everything I have or could do. Now if I confess He is God and died for me he will allow me to live with Him for an eternity. I’ve learned I and God have a relationship and this relationship is what I should focus on in life. Not because I have to but for the gratitude of what he did for me. Based on this I would say I am not going to base my feelings on what anyone has done to me or others. I am going to base my relationship on God alone. All the other stuff is noise from stuff I don’t need to worry about. Just saying…

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