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  1. David

    Well, that’s a big question but Christians know that the Bible was assmbled over a long period of time (about 1500 years) by 40 different authors. The history of the Old Testament and it’s content parallels the history of the Jewish people themselves. For modern people who are concerned about how reliable the Old Testament is, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940’s gave us the ability to compare copies of Old Testament scripture that were from the time of Christ to what were then the oldest existing copies from around 1000 AD. They were nearly identical!

    The New Testament is made up of writings from the first century of the Church and the early Church fathers decided that only writings from an actual eyewitness of Christ or an associate of an eyewitness would be included in the New Testament. There are thousands of New Testament copies and fragments of copies all over the world; some date almost all the way back to the first century. The New Testament is the most well-documented book from antiquity.

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