No one is righteous!

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin. Romans 3:20 (NIV)

If you adhere to the law of God will you be considered righteous in God’s sight?  The law wakes us up to what is sin and the more we dig in to the law we realize we hate to do the things we do but keep on doing them. (Romans 7 is a good thought on this!)

Should we focus on trying to live the law out of gratitude for God?  If we know we cannot 100% adhere to the law what should we do?


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  1. Frank

    The Law is a mirror that shows us who we truly are in God’s sight. If we could keep the law, we would be perfect and righteous. James 2:10 tells us that if we violate even one part of the law, we are guilty of breaking it all. All of our good works piled up do not erase our sin against God, because without Christ, they are all motivated by selfish desires and ungodly.
    It is only with the covering of Christ’s blood that we can be seen as righteous in God’s eyes. We are declared innocent, Holy and blameless when we are His. Our sins are removed from us and we are as clean as snow.
    Thanks be to God.

  2. The fact that I can’t live out God’s commands 100% on my own only pushes me to rely on Him all the more. It keeps me humble, too – instead of being proud of even the commands I keep on the outside (I don’t murder), I’m reminded that even harboring anger or contempt toward someone else is to fall short of God’s command to love my neighbor as I would myself. This is all a reminder that I’ve got nothing to be proud of – all I can do is humbly thank God for the ways He’s already working in my life and depend on Him to make a difference in my day today, confident that His love for me gives today value.

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