Do you think Steve Jobs is saying more about life than he knows?

I looked at the Apple Key Note speech online the other day and read the following quote about the speech:


“…The truth is that files exist on your machine, then on iCloud — again, the “truth” — in a cycle. But you don’t need to know any of that. They just exist. Who cares where as long as they’re right there on all your devices when you need them?

Files are something Microsoft worries about. Files in the cloud are something Google and Amazon worry about.  Apple’s iCloud is about opening an application and the thing you want to access being there.”

Computers, phones, data, etc. are becoming an everyday part of our life.  Steve was saying things like “truth”, “it just works”, and “they just exist.”  Other major companies are worried about all of this but we are supposed to just trust and accept what we don’t see.  Can you do this?  Can you do this with a company?  Can you do this with “Steve Jobs”?  I can!

I look at him and he is withering away.  I’m bummed about this because as a kid my dad and I went to the Apple store and I bought my first real computer.  It was an Apple II.  It was wonderful.  From then until now I’ve owned several of these devices and they are some really great tools.  Steve Jobs has lead Apple into being a great company.  I can update a site like this any and everywhere with a device I carry in my pocket.  All in all Steve has been a great innovator but in looking at him it is clear he has to submit to a higher power.  When I look at all the stuff man has created it does not even begin to come close to anything God has made.  Just the atom alone is an incredible piece of work and all of Steve’s stuff requires compounds that are made up of what God has already allowed.  From the smallest to the vastness of the universe I cannot believe that people do not believe there is anything out there.

Remember, Believe is what your actions are and not just a statement.  Pray now that God gives you eyes to see and ears to hear what He is all about today!  He just exist!  The Truth!  It Just works!

What do you think?

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Reference:  http://techcrunch.com/2011/06/08/apple-icloud-google-cloud/


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  1. Personally, I think the problem is that Steve Jobs tries to act like he is a kind of god. Apple products, when viewed from the perspective of being creative, well-designed product art, are in fact beautiful and intuitive. I give them kudos for the magnetically-attached power cord on the back of their laptops alone, and I wish *every* soft-duty appliance manufacturer used that exact same design; no more broken power ports, no more “yanked” appliances or broken ankles!

    But from a Freedom point of view? No, Apple is all about “You’re going to do it our way or no way! Jail-break an iProduct? that’s a spanking! Bricked product for you! What’s that you say, you paid money for this (lots more than for comparable IBM-compatible hardware), and you say you own it? Not so fast! DRM-everything… total lockdown on iTunes music. Total lockdown on apps. Totalitarian-level, almost sociopathic fascist control on every single aspect of the technology. Apple wants people to believe that they’re a better product and a better company, but the sales pitch falls short when the reality is a lot more malevolent. iPhones & iPads tracking your every move; inability to use the devices outside of Apple-dictated parameters… if I really tried, I could go on all day about cutting though the illusion and the sales pitch and seeing what’s really behind the curtain.

    But what’s the real problem? The focus of course. It’s all about Jobs, and all attention is directed back at him. Not on the dev teams(s) and designers, not on the brilliant marketers, not on the community, no, at the end of the day, it’s all about the i-god. Steve Jobs is in love with himself, and his proven-to-be-cult-like followers are totally okay with that as a majority (and I’m not saying that you’re a fellow lap-dog, just that the majority of Mac-heads are obnoxiously so.) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13416598

    This isn’t to say that any other ‘brand’, product, or competing product is blameless… I can honestly go off on Micro$oft for ten times longer based on their incredible level of Fail. The problem is that the majority of companies in existence now are learning all too well how desperate we humans are to fill a huge void, a God-sized void that we will blindly fill with disposable crap at ever-exponentially increasing rates, like a black hole eating a galaxy.
    All of these corporations and brands are operating on the principal that at the end of the day, they are the be-all, end all of existence, and that there should be no other thing perceived as being better than they are.

    You get the idea. All of this ‘stuff’ that we try to fill our lives with, be it products, systems, philosophies, power, and/or the worship of others, is all destined to fire and failure in the face of the one true thing that can satisfy: the Love of our Creator. One day Microsoft won’t even be a remembered name. In the grand scheme of history, Apple will be but a blip. Coca-Cola will have long been a forgotten flavor, destined to fuel the inside of a supernova. No Nike footwear will grace the streets of gold. ♪ Duuust in the wind… ♪ Meaningless meaningless, all is meaningless! nothing endures but that which points to God, the only thing that matters in the universe. Steve Jobs wants people to have blind, unquestioning faith in a product and an image that he created in his flawed image; it has its uses, but it also has a place, and in the grand scheme of things, that is a VERY small place. Don’t even get me started on the fail that is Steve Ballmer!

    But my point is that we all have a desire for heroes, and in a lot of ways there are worse heroes to have than Steve Jobs; the man has come back from the brink of failure on multiple occasions. He has a level of audacity that has to be respected. But at the end of the day, he’s just a man, and all that he does is as plagued by failure as anything that any other human like ourselves may do. Hopefully Steve will pull away from the mirror long enough to look out instead of within, and will be a good Hebrew and turn back to the only real experience that there is that can be perfect and last forever: the experience of his ancestors Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph all had. The one real thing. The ultimate programmer, working with the finest machines ever built: us, for His service, not Steve’s.

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