I can’t see, hear, or think, much less pray!

How do you deal with painful circumstances?  When you were dealing with pain, what happen and how did you manage it?  How can you prepare for when it comes?

In the past when I have been told something that is not what I want to hear, I usually just ask God for help and cry.  Is this the best we can do?

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  1. I have found a very effective way for me personally to deal with discouraging situtations. When faced with a difficult situation that I cannot change I have learned to refocus my thinking away from the negative and toward the positive. Sometimes this coping skill is challenging to apply but when I am able to accomplish it I deal with discouragement a lot better.
    I try to remind myself that God takes us through difficult days to grow us. I ask, God what are you teaching me here? I know what I CAN’T do to change my situation. God tell me what I CAN do and help me to look for the good in what I am dealing with.
    To me it is kind of like the old Lamaze technique I learned for childbirth. Find a focal point, something you enjoy looking at, and focus on this positive image as you press through the difficulty.

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