The Feeble Faith of the Atheist…

I find it amusing how the typical evangelical ‘New Atheist’ will go to great lengths to try and twist science and philosophy up in knots to explain away matter of faith, or to denigrate the non-Atheist as somehow being intellectually inferior, and yet when one examines the logic behind the philosophies of Atheism, it consistently falls flat. Countless attempts have been made by the new atheists to belittle and explain away Christian morality as being mere artifacts of evolution, and that they can allegedly be moral without God’s Absolute Law. But can they really? In a world where they claim that there are no absolutes, how can an atheist have morality when everything is relative? If you look closely enough at the arguments made to claim alleged morality without God, the ideas and claims begin to fall apart, and such scrutiny will not bring about reason and factual debate from the “free thinker”, so much as argumentum ad hominems, poisoning the well, and general chicanery and name calling, smear tactics, and other blatant acts of malevolence in a bid to draw the spotlight away from their failures, and to try and prop up their own faltering faith in the impossibility of a world with ‘good’ without God.

It gets even better when you point out that the greatest atrocities ever committed against the human race, and the largest number of mass-murders recorded in modern times, have all been at the hands of Communist Atheist dictatorships or regimes (Pol Pot, Stalin, Fidel Castro, and some can even make an argument for Hitler & Co.)

I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist, how about you?


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