How can I get help with my relationships?


In talking with a friend that helps people with Marriage counseling I thought this was a great post.  I think as you review these thoughts and seek God you will see how these can help with your marriage and/or any relationship.

Marriage Counseling Convictions:

  1. God can and does heal, mend and restore damaged marriages.
  2. Restoring and healing your marriage is hard work – but worth it.
  3. Satan, the enemy, would like nothing more than to destroy your marriage.
  4. Keep doing the right thing and the feeling with come – fact/faith/feeling train.  What first attracted you to one another?  How did you win your spouse’s affection?  Let’s do those things now.
  5. God uses your mate – more than any other person – to deliver you from self-centered living.
  6. Stop asking God to fix your mate.  Ask Him to fix you.
  7. The steps toward healing are not easy, but they are simple.
  8. God uses your mate – more than any other person – to help you become more Christ-like.
  9. You cannot fix your marriage by next week.  You did not get into this situation overnight.
  10. While one person may be primarily responsible for the problems in your marriage, they are never 100% responsible.  Often the most obvious issue is NOT the root issue.  The source of the problems that are now surfacing may be due to deeper issues hidden from years past.
  11. It is always best to get counseling together.
  12. Trust that has been broken leaves scars that will take time, forgiveness and the grace of God to mend.  The same God who forgave you asks you to give forgiveness a chance.
  13. Love is choice that is made daily by both spouses.  Each person must make the choice to love, not just rely on their feelings.

How are you doing with this?  Are your relationships in check?  What can you do to improve your relationships?


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  1. The Spindrifter

    How to have a successful relationship: do unto others as you would have them do to you, love everyone more than yourself, and love God above all.

    In other words, don’t be selfish. Every time I see a relationship in trouble, it always boils down to partner selfishness. Seriously, people make their own problems in relationships, by either not screening out potential mates better in the courtship process, or by having unrealistic expectations, and clearly knowing nothing about human nature.

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