Are there “good” people in the world?

If we compare ourselves to each other some people seem to be good and some are bad.  If we compare ourselves to God, I would think we are all bad if we assume that being bad is being less than 100% perfect.

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23 (ESV)

God’s glory is perfection.  He is the beginning and ending of everything.  Based on this verse is there a level of Good, Bad, sinned, or not sinned?

If we have sinned big or little then using any kind of score card with God would be hopeless.  This hopelessness is eclipsed by God giving Himself to us so that all of our sins are wiped away.

How can we be holy before God?  Is every human on the same level of being sinful?  Do you act in action like you are better than others?  Do you need to change how you work with others?  How can you be more humble?

Take a moment and ask God to forgive you for your sins.  Accept His unmerited Grace and confess that His Son Jesus Christ has given you this Grace based on His death and resurrection.  Once you have done this today go and love someone that you would not normally love!

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  1. The Spindrifter

    The question of how humans measure “good” always seems to be by a broken yardstick made of human ideals, versus the perfect ideals of God. Humans have a nasty tendency to ignore their own flaws, and to judge with a warped sense of right and wrong. The entire book of Judges in the scrolls shows what happens when you set people loose to do what seems right in their own eyes.

    In a modern context, it all boils down to ‘Relativity’, where the measure of good is based on lower standards versus the lowest standards. People generally when asked the question of “are you good?” don’t realize that they are answering it from the point of view not of perfection, but of relative measures. The average person sees themselves as being better than the lowest members of the moral herd, where the truth is that their real measurement is “I’m flawed, but there are people who choose to be far more flawed than me, therefore I am better than them.”

    The usual comparisons made are something like: “Oh I’ve never killed anyone, or stolen, or cheated on my spouse” et cetera. The typical person uses the metric of grading on a curve, instead of absolute measures. The problem comes in trying to convince the person that they really do have a broken measuring stick, and that no human can ever live up to the Golden Rule.

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