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40 Days with Jesus – October 7 – Luke 2:39-52


As we move through this 40 day journey to know Jesus in a more personal and meaningful way, it makes sense for us to learn about him from those that he related with.  Joseph and Mary were two common people chosen by God for the extraordinary task of raising a son who was both fully God and fully human.  Read Luke 2:39-52 and let’s consider what we can learn about Jesus from Mary and Joseph…


They were obviously committed to their faith.  We first find them presenting the infant Jesus at the temple in Jerusalem where they did “everything required by the Law of the Lord” (2:39).  As Jesus was growing up, they would go “every year” to Jerusalem for the Passover feast (2:41).  If they had chosen not to make the journey in observance of the feast, Jesus would not have been in the temple year after year.  But because they were faithful, Jesus was there, and Luke tells us that “everyone who heard him was amazed” (2:47).  Are you living out your faith in such a way that you find yourself and others amazed by Christ?


Next we find that they were negligent parents.  Well… maybe not.  Luke doesn’t really give us enough information to call Child Services on Mary and Joseph, so let’s just assume that in their culture and on that journey it would not have been uncommon for a middle school-age boy to disappear for a day before his parents began to seek after him (2:43-46).  While Mary and Joseph weren’t truly negligent, they still lost sight of their son.  Because of his divinity, we know that Jesus was actually right where he was supposed to be.  So often in our relationship with Christ, we can lose sight of him in the midst of life’s distractions.  He is always right where he is supposed to be, where are you?


Mary and Joseph seem to struggle to grasp the fullness of Jesus’ divinity.  Even at age 12, the boy’s presence in the temple both “astonished” and frustrated Mary and Joseph (2:48).  His response to them indicates that he was simply acting out of obedience to God (2:49).  Could you imagine trying to parent the Son of God?  The way that Jesus lived didn’t always make sense to them (2:50) because he always chose to live for God and never for his human desires.  Living as a follower of Christ sometimes means that we have to do things that may not always make a lot of sense in our minds.  Is God is leading you to do something that you don’t fully understand?  Are you willing to take the risk and faithfully obey?


Mary and Joseph likely knew Jesus better than any other person during his childhood and yet they struggled to relate with him at times.  As we pursue Christ together, let’s remember that our salvation is not rooted in our perfect ability to relate with him.  It is only because of what he has done for us on the cross that our relationship with God can be made right.

Mark Smith 

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