What is your temptation?

Chets Creek Church 

40 Days with Jesus – October 11th – Luke  4:1-13

Satan has a way of attacking us in unique ways.  He knows our most vulnerable weaknesses, and he is hard at work to tempt us into stumbling, even when we least expect it.


However, God also knows us better than we even know ourselves, much less Satan.  The reality of our relationship with Christ allows us to take shelter from the onslaught of temptations.  We can rest in Christ’s protection knowing that in our complete weakness, God is strongest.  If we allow God to be our strength, He will guide us to make the best decisions with our current temptations.


In the passage for today, Jesus is being tempted by Satan in three different ways, all of which are ways that may not necessarily be temptations for you and me.  But for the time in Jesus’ life, all of these temptations hit home.  We face similar types of temptations in our lives that revolve around these in Luke 4: temptations of physical needs or wants, of wealth or power that is not currently ours, and of presuming that God’s will is whatever we want it to be.


It is important to note that temptation in itself is not sin; we are all tempted, even Jesus.  But how we respond when temptations arise shows exactly where we put our trust.  Our temptations will vary, and what is a temptation for me may not even be an afterthought for you.


Instead of focusing on the temptations, take a look at how Jesus defended himself from the attacks.  Notice in verse 1, “Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit.”  The word “full” here means “completely and thoroughly saturated.”  Jesus was in a right relationship with God, and he was completely trusting in God’s perfect will.  Jesus answered the temptations with God’s truth from Scripture.   Jesus knew that truth, which comes from God’s word, was the best defense against temptation.  He understood as David did in Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”  Satan has no rebuttal to God’s word; he cannot prevail against it.


Where is weak spot?  What is your is your vulnerable enticements?  Ask God to give you strength and the right weapons to stand strong in the face of fierce temptation.


Chris Price


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