Are you willing to endure the faith?

Chets Creek Church 

40 Days with Jesus – October 7th – Luke 14:25-35


Read Luke 14:25-35


It was my senior year in high school. Me and a few buddies decided to start carrying our Bibles to school every day because of a summer of life transformation. We experienced Jesus at a summer youth camp like never before. The four of us were ready to charge hell with a water pistol. Nothing could stop us. We were fired up for the cause of Christ.  We started placing our Bibles on top of our stacks of school books, making sure that it was seen above all else.  Everything was going just fine until some other friends decided to take my Bible and hide it.  Real funny!  I was experiencing some serious persecution for my faith, wasn’t I?


It wasn’t until years later that I realized what true persecution meant. I met a guy who was living in the states after fleeing Iran as a child. He was raised as a Muslim. Years before I had met him, he became a follower of Christ in high school. His parents just thought it was a phase he was going through until he decided to be baptized. Then, his family basically disowned him. After hearing his story, I thought to myself, “seriously, I’ve had a few friends playfully laugh at me and hide my Bible from me and I thought that was persecution for my faith?”  Wow, what a wimpy Christian I am.


I have still yet to experience any real persecution for my relationship with Christ. I think back to the old testament story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego who were willing to be thrown into a furnace of fire because they would not bow down to a golden idol.


What would I be capable of enduring for my faith?

What WOULD I endure for my faith?

If required of you, what would you endure for the cause of Jesus?


Eddy Foye


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