Is Jesus your friend?

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40 Days with Jesus – November 17th – Luke 20:9-19


Jesus … what does this name mean to you?


I think if we did a survey of people from around the world, we would get many different answers …


 some would say he was a prophet,


some would deny his existence and say he is a fictional person people made up,


some would say he was a healer and a good man,


some would call him Savior.


My job allows me to teach young children that Jesus is their friend forever.  This is an awesome privilege I enjoy.  But sometimes I pause and think, who is He really to me?


In Luke, Chapter 20, the religious leaders in the temple courts were questioning the authority of Jesus and who he really was.  Jesus chose not to answer them directly, but he spoke to them in a parable.  It is quite clear in this parable that Jesus puts these leaders in their place and they “knew he had spoken this parable against them.”  These leaders were beginning to understand who Jesus really was and they were afraid.


When I pause to ask myself “who Jesus is to me,” I can say I know for a fact that He is my Lord and Savior.  I know that for a fact because when I was a 16 year old girl, I opened the door to my heart and invited Jesus to dwell there.  People do not have to believe as I do, but no one can question what I know in my heart.  I know from thirty-plus years of experience that He is faithful to hear my prayers, to supply me with a peace that surpasses all understanding and to faithfully guide me in His ways.


I wonder today, who is Jesus to you?  Are you still trying to figure it out?  Do you have questions?  Or perhaps you are like me and you know He is your Savior?  If that’s the case, who are you sharing your faith with?


I just recently returned from South Africa where I was able to openly share the love of Jesus with so many people.  I was humbled to sit with and to hear three young South African girls ask Jesus to come into their hearts and live there.  It is life-changing to witness to someone and to actually hear them ask Jesus to be their Savior.


It’s kind of easy for me when I’m on a mission trip to share Jesus, but last night as my husband’s extended family was at our house for dinner, I found it much harder to open up and ask them, “so, who is Jesus to you?”  To be honest, I completely dropped the ball and didn’t even go there.  This morning I’ve been kicking myself as to why I didn’t.  Yes, I told them stories of South Africa and why we went there, but I didn’t take the time to ask, “Who is Jesus to you?”  I hope one day I will have another chance to ask this extended family that very question and I hope this time I don’t miss the opportunity.


I hope you are constantly seeking the answer to the question if you do not know.  If I can talk with you more about it, please get in touch with me.  And if you’re like me and know who He is, let me challenge us both to share Jesus with someone we come in contact with this week. He really is our friend forever and who doesn’t need a friend like that?  I know I do.


Beth Chin


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