Should God be expressed as He, Him, She, or any type of Ego?

Recent question asked to DoYouReallyBelieve.com:

“Why do you express god as he or him or she or it as if god was an ego? God is everything that ever was and ever will be.  Every thought that has been and will ever be is God.  Can anyone really fathom that?  So when speaking of god…it should be god, only god.. no him or her, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc..  There is only one starting point, one ending point, one point.. GOD..NOTHING ELSE.”


General thoughts about the above question:

God is not everything – that is pantheism.  God is not the tree I’m looking at.  He created everything and everything exists for Him but he is not everything.  The philosophy espoused by the above is common today.  It is today’s spirituality.  Ravi’s latest book – Why Jesus?: Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality and the book titled Where Has Oprah Taken Us?: The Religious Influence of the World’s Most Famous Woman
– both deal with this concept of god that the above describes.

I have often wondered why God refers to Himself in the OT many times as, The Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  My conclusion is that God is a God of relationship with His people, He acts in history, He is different from all other gods, He came among us, He showed us the Way…

Who the above is writing about is his god, his definition, his understanding.  It accentuates the divine in himself and minimizes if not completely destroys evil and moral accountability and responsibility.

A few quotes from Where Has Oprah Taken Us?: The Religious Influence of the World’s Most Famous Woman:

This new, informal religion kept the language and forms of Christianity but replaced it with meaning drawn from the spiritual explorations of her times, from the ideals and poetry and experimenting of her generation.

Mitch Horowitz has defined American Spirituality as:

  1. A belief in the therapeutic value of spiritual or religious ideas
  2. A belief in mind-body connection in health
  3. A belief that human consciousness is evolving to higher stages
  4. A belief that thoughts, in some greater or lesser measure, determine reality.
  5. A belief that spiritual understanding is available without allegiance to a specific religion or doctrine.

Do you use spirituality with little or no regard for the Bible, Christian history, or the church?  Do you know that God wants a relationship with you?  What do you think?

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