How fast can something take over?

One drop at a time!

Recently, where I live, a lot of rain came.  In about 3 days, several areas in my town were completely flooded. Within a short period of time, it seemed to bring those areas to a standstill.  It made me think about:

And rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights. Genesis 7:12 (NIV)

The story is about Noah and the Ark.  If you want to read the complete story it is located in Genesis 6-9 in the Bible.  The Bible stated that for 40 days and for 40 nights the world was flooded.  When we had floods in our area, I thought about this passage and how fast it flooded.  I talked with others about how the speed of the flooding  amazed me.  They said that it was because we have poor drainage.  I also spent some time reading about the earth being flooded in 40 days. A lot of books and websites talk about how this could and could not  happen.

Do you believe this story happened?  Do you wonder if this kind of skepticism can help or damage your faith?  Do you see how things can fill up your life one drop at a time?  Do you want to drown in sin or love?  Do you want to drown in faith or skepticism?

Do You Really Believe?
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