Should we plan to be on mission?

Dubai, mission, fight, battle, see, imagine, trustI would start by saying that we should always be ready to be on mission for God.  When there is a need, you see the need, and it seems you can supply the need. Should you always be ready to be a witness?  I would say yes!

The mission I am currently talking about is taking a little over a week to focus 100% on doing nothing but helping and serving in another country.  Over the last year it has taken a little of my time to focus on preparing, coordinating, raising funds, and praying to get the team ready.  One thing that I always notice is:  How much I do not rely on God.  Yes, I just said I do not rely on God.  I freak out about the team, the funds, safety, people I will visit, and the list goes on.  Already God is providing the funds, the people, and prayers from friends, and the list goes on.

Why do I freak out?  I think the reason is the list of things I freak out about.  Do we need money, funds, or anything?  Are the real events the things I do not even see?  This year I have already learned that God’s will needs to be done.  No matter if I am going to the movies or Asia, the key is to  let go 150% of what I want to control and let God control it all.

Lord, will you fight the battle I do not even see or imagine?  Lord, will you allow your will to be done no matter if I get in the way?  Lord, will you help me to lean on you and stop trying to do things myself?

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  Ephesians 6:12 (NIV)

Can you please pray that God will help both me and you to stop trying to control anything and rely on Him when we are on mission in our front yard, grocery store, or on a foreign mission trip?

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  1. Frank

    I have been on a number of short-term mission trips and have experienced the same thing. Sometimes it seems like I am doing all the work and hoping God joins me.

    On a slightly different note though, what I have been questioning over the past couple of years is our whole attitude about missions. Are we actually doing mission trips, or humanitarian efforts?

    Looking at Acts as well as the Great Commission, it is clear that we are called to go out to the nations preaching the good news of the Gospel of Christ. What I find we typically do is go out to the nations building water projects, building schools, helping orphanages and the like. There is nothing wrong with those activities, but they are certainly not preaching the Gospel.

    Secular organizations can build schools, dig wells and all of that. What we, as Christians, are uniquely qualified and able to do, that they cannot, is preach the Gospel.

    I have decided that I cannot in good conscience participate in any more “mission” trips that are not primarily focused on either directly bringing the Gospel to an area, or supporting someone who is already doing that as their primary work.


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