Are you willing to take a stand?

Water for Life (_DSC5996), take a stand, convictions, Olympic Every four years, the Olympic Games take place somewhere in the world. This summer they are in London. In fact, this is the third time that they have been there.

In 1924, at the summer games in Paris, a young Scottish athlete named Eric Liddell, ran several races and won some medals. His best event, the 100 meters, was to be held on a Sunday, but because of his Christian beliefs, he pulled out of that race. Instead, he ran the 400 meters, which was not his expertise. Before that race, a staff member of the American Olympic Team, handed him a piece of paper with the quote,

“Those who honor me I will honor.” (1 Samuel 2:30)

Eric Liddell broke the existing world record for the 400 meter race and won the Gold!!

Liddell stood by is convictions and in spite of not running the race that he could have won easily, he ran a longer race that he was unfamiliar with and won the gold.

What would you have done in that circumstance? Would you stand by your convictions?


Do You Really Believe?
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