Whose Word?

Coffee Shop Study, word, add, remove, God, teachesIn a recent religious blog, a writer revealed that a fundamental teaching of Christianity was completely wrong. He supported this epiphany with numerous scriptures, but studying the verses in an actual Bible debunked the blogger’s supposed revelation, revealing instead his attempted manipulation of God’s Word.

He listed many verses in fragments only, with lots of ellipses filling in the parts he didn’t wish to acknowledge. So with a dot, dot, dot here and a dot, dot, dot there, he manipulated the scriptures (and probably quite a few readers) to match his own agenda. In one case, he listed only part “b” of a verse to prove his argument, but when the “a” part of that verse was read along with the “b” part as it was originally written, it clearly disproved the man’s theory. By omitting key words and phrases, the blogger attempted to change the Bible’s meaning and make it more palatable. But when read within the context of their original paragraphs, these scriptures confirmed the consistent Biblical teachings established centuries ago. No shocking revelations, no misconceptions, just the reliable perfection of God’s steadfast Word.

Beware of ANYONE who dares to distort the Scriptures. If a pastor, writer, spiritual leader or other well-meaning believer quotes scripture, search that entire passage in the Bible. When you see scriptures on DoYouReallyBelieve.com, verify them with your own eyes. Not only is immersing you in God’s Word one of DoYouReallyBelieve.com’s greatest desires, but reading the actual verses yourself is the only way to take GOD’S Word for it…in context. And He alone never fails to provide the Truth.

Revelation 22:18-19 warns that not a single word is to be added or removed from God’s Word. Jesus stated in Matthew 5:17-19 that teachers are to remove not one iota, not one dot from the Word (ESV). But don’t take my word for it – search these chapters yourself and read God’s actual words. Because His is the only Word that matters.


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