Do you pray regularly?

Apparizione, pray, focus, regular, listenThis week I was with a group of people and we talked about how much we pray and what we pray about.  The responses were:  “It is always about me”, “My prayer is choked”, “Intermittent prayer”, “Real and always for others”,” praying with spouse”, etc.  The responses were all over the place.

Which way is the best way to pray?  When Jesus prayed, He seemed to always pray for others, except when He was in the garden prior to His crucifixion. He prayed for himself and He clarified that it should be God’s will.

One passage that really stood out for me was:

One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.  Luke 6:12 (NIV)

Jesus spent the night praying! With Jesus being the example, I wonder how we can be like Him.  In this group we wondered how we could adjust our prayer life to be more like Jesus.  Should we schedule time?  Should we take one of our favorite things to do like watching a football game or a TV show and replace it with prayer?  Jesus seemed to get alone and away from things to pray, should we try this?  Should we be consistent so that we build a habit or should we pray all the time?

I know when things are bad in my life I seem to amp up my prayer life.  Do you think we should ask God to help us understand the importance of prayer and help us fellowship with Him?

There are times in the Bible where people talked with God or Jesus face to face.  Prayer then was just a conversation.  You have got to wonder if it is time to have a conversation with God?

How is your prayer life?

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