What excuses do you use?

What excuses do you use?A lot of people I know say they cannot do things because they do not have the training, it won’t matter, etc.  It amazes me that people constantly put themselves or something down.  Could you imagine if all the great patriarchs of our faith had this attitude?  Some did and they even let it bother them.  But after God renewed their spirit they woke up to the challenge.  Some examples are Moses who was exiled for 40 years and David who committed adultery and murder and was caught.  There were also men who stepped up in faith like Abraham with having the faith of a Giant, or the women that just touched Jesus.


Think about it!!

What did you think of Video week?  There are so many ways that you can interpret a video.  As I see some of these they inspire, make me think, and have helped me to move forward just a little bit more.  Praying that you have a great day!!

Do You Really Believe?
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