Are you dealing with Rough Seas?

rough seasThe entire chapter of Acts 27 describes a rough sea voyage for Paul. He was a prisoner on this trip so, even though he advised against going on, he had no choice when the captain said they were pressing through the storm.

Have you ever felt caught in a raging storm, a time when life is beating against you and you have no choice but to head straight into the raging sea? Perhaps that is right where God wants you. It is often in the storms where we learn the greatest lessons. When the calm finally comes, then we can look back and see how much we have grown in our faith and trust in God and how He has held us safe through the most difficult of times. Like Paul, we must take care of ourselves as God wrestles with our storms for us.

Just as day was dawning, Paul urged everyone to eat. “You have been so worried that you haven’t touched food for two weeks,” he said.  “Please eat something now for your own good. For not a hair of your heads will perish.” for us.  Acts 27:33-34

Is it time for you to stop fretting and let God’s hand guide your boat through the waves of the storm. Is it time to rest in His protection?


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