Can someone’s sickness turn into a blessing?

yarn 1 yarn 2I believe that the answer to that question can be either yes or no; however, something that happened yesterday at my church proves that my answer to that is a huge YES!!!

When I walked out of the door toward my car, a gentleman, and fellow member, was standing next to dozens of bags filled with yarn. There were 1000s of skeins of yarn. We have a craft group at church that makes scarves for children all over the world. We have plans to make 100s of scarves for mission teams to take on the summer trips. This gift of yarn is such a huge blessing! It’s such an unexpected gift!

So—this gift has turned into a blessing. You ask, ‘What about someone’s sickness?’

This gentleman was asked to remove these huge bags from the home of a hoarder.

The definition of hoarding is, ‘to accumulate for preservation, future use, etc., in a hidden or carefully guarded place.’ Hoarding is an illness. This woman has more yarn than the thousands already brought to us.

So—this sickness of stockpiling more yarn than can be used in any one person’s life time will be turned into multiple blessing for people all over the world.

“Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it” (1 Peter 4:10 MSG).

“You will be glorifying God through your generous gifts. For your generosity to them will prove that you are obedient to the Good News of Christ.”  2 Corinthians 9:13 (NLT)

Do you know someone with a sickness? Is it you? Can you turn it into a blessing for others?

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  1. Yes, I had a reccuring and debilatating illness a few years ago, clinical depression and anxiety. After trying all kinds of medication and several hospitalizations I found the cure to my infirmity. I call my treatment refocus. When I began to look beyond myself and focus on the needs of others I began to see the light shining down into the dark pit. I was able to follow that light and one day I crawled right out of that deep black hole. Sometimes the darkness creeps up behind me but all I have to do is put my refocus lenses on and life gets better again.
    Contrary to what the pharmaceutical companies would have us believe, mental illness cannot be overcome by simply popping a pill. It takes a mental strategy and then hard work to force your mind back into a logical thinking pattern.
    I praise God for the smiling faces of children, they are my mood altering drug of choice.

    Psalm 40:2-3
    2 I was sliding down into the pit of death, and he pulled me out.
    He brought me up out of the mud and dirt.
    He set my feet on a rock.
    He gave me a firm place to stand on.
    3 He gave me a new song to sing.
    It is a hymn of praise to our God.
    Many people will see what he has done and will worship him.
    They will put their trust in the Lord.

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