How can you gain real strength?

Eight Days OldThe LORD is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one.  Psalm 28:8(NIV)

As I was driving down the road, with my soon to be 15 year old son, I was reminded of how I have no strength in my arms.  “Mom make a muscle so I can feel how small yours is,” Josh says.  “OK,” I answer as he jiggles (yes, it jiggles) my arm.  He laughs at my arm.  “Now feel mine,” he says and I do, only to be reminded that my son is much stronger then I am and is slowly turning into a man.

With a mother’s heart, I want to know my son is growing physically strong.  More so, I want to know he is growing spiritually strong.  This year returning from church camp, I could see a change in him that was of significant spiritual growth.  Knowing that Josh and his camp-mate Andrew did not want to miss a morning devotional, Josh read the devotion to Andrew as he got dressed one morning when they were running behind.  During the week, they stayed up late reading the Bible, served others, and had many worship services.  This has strengthened his spiritual muscles and is readying him for life’s battles.

Where does your strength lie?  Is it in physical stuff?  Can you bench 220?  Is it in Spiritual stuff?  Are you seeking God like you should?  Are you building your spiritual strength?

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.  Psalm 18:32(NIV)


Do You Believe?
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