Are you competent within yourself to be a self-made person? (Video)

Twitter 365 Project - Day 71Knowing who I am, I realize that I am nothing without something within me.  I have the ability to fall short, be evil and good.  The flesh is the fall short and the good is God.  Do you think this about yourself or do you think you are a good person that has made what you are and what you have due to your hard work?

What helps me with this is that when I think about what I did, I realize that I cannot even breathe if it was not for the air supplied to me.  The supplier of this air is something much bigger than me.  So what am I?

We couldn’t be more sure of ourselves in this—that you, written by Christ himself for God, are our letter of recommendation. We wouldn’t think of writing this kind of letter about ourselves. Only God can write such a letter. His letter authorizes us to help carry out this new plan of action. The plan wasn’t written out with ink on paper, with pages and pages of legal footnotes, killing your spirit. It’s written with Spirit on spirit, his life on our lives!  2 Corinthians 3:4-6 (MSG)

His life on our life!  His Spirit on ours!  Are you second?  Are you living your life to where He in you is guiding you to His will?

I love this video, what do you think:
I am Second: Stephen Baldwin

Do You Believe?
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