This is how I see it — How about you?

faith, trust, will, fear, safeA man who went to Mars Hill College in North Carolina during the 40’s wrote this:

“We had a real revival — yes, a real revival.  During the last week I saw many changes take place.  I saw boys and girls, future men and women, give their hearts and lives to Christ.  I saw friends of mine, some of my very best friends, go down and rededicate their lives to Him.  During that week I saw reforms occur.  I saw people put away their evil ways and acknowledge Jesus as their Savior.

After I leave Mars Hill, I plan to go in the armed forces where I expect to find a group of people not nearly so Christian as are the people at the Hill.  The revival last week will give me more strength to stay with Christ and will give me strength to bring the other fellow up.

At Mars Hill it is easier “to be” than “not to be” a real person.  It’s not difficult to be a Christian here where so many others are trying to follow Christ.  What I want to do is to fix my faith in Him so firmly that the Devil and all his agents cannot move me from my faith in God and His son, Jesus Christ.  We must love God unconditionally. We must love Him not from fear or its burden, but we must love Him under any and all conditions.

Christianity should be a strength, a guide, and a comfort, not a cause for intellectual anxiety or angry argument.  We should seek the truth, try to form the highest possible conception of God, and put our trust in Him always.  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

That’s the way I look at it–how about you?

B. G.”

It is interesting that there was a time that in a Christian school or College, it was a safe place to grow in your faith.  I knew this man and I now know that he was later denied to serve in the military due to health conditions.

Looking at His life and seeing what he wrote makes me wonder if God’s protection was on him from going to a place that he may not have been as faithful to God.  I know I have seen God do this for me.

Have you thanked God for all the bad stuff you have not done?  (Not saying you have not done any bad things but rather thank God for the additional stuff you have not done yet.)  Do you have a place that you are protected in your faith?  Do you trust God?  Do you love God unconditionally?  Do you love God out of fear or a burden or is it under all conditions?  Do you lean on your own ability and thought or God’s?

God, thank you for giving me a Father of Faith!

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image: Kay Gaensler

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