If you ignore it will it go away or get bigger?

abortion, starvation, starve, action, faithIt depends on what you are talking about.  I started to wonder why we just deal with things by ignoring them.  It seems like a coping mechanism, that if we do not think about it,  it will not happen.

Example (Note, when you read these you might stop reading this post due to the ignoring factor):

  1. Approximately 3,200 babies die every day from abortions.  Every 23 seconds a baby is killed by abortion in the US.  This is just in the United States.  I read a statistic that 35,000 forced abortions occur in China everyday.
  2. It is stated that around 25,000 people die every day due to hunger or hunger-related causes.
  3. And the list goes on.

Looking at people today, it seems that being a pacifist toward anything is the way to be.  If someone believes in something that you do not, is OK to just say, “It’s not hurting anyone so what is the big deal?”

The other issue we have is skepticism.  If I give money to someone or something, will be stealing it for themselves?  Or the thought,’ I am just one person, what can I do?’  How about, ‘Only crazy people go after these issues and I am not willing to fight for things only crazy people fight for’.  Or, I have had an abortion and have sinned which I cannot help because I am inadequate.

Just think, while you are reading this post, 8 humans have died from starvation and approximately 5 to 10 children were aborted.

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  James 2:17 (NIV)

Please know that this faith by action is “LOVE” and not self-motivated.  Also, it is forgiveness.  Also, this faith is being done for the gratitude of what Jesus did for you and not to get any credit.

If you are human, you are capable of helping.

Is it time for you to stop ignoring and start living in faith?  Do you spend all your extra time on yourself?  Do you have in excess?  Do you eat in excess?  What can you give to help others?  How can you reduce and give generously?


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