How many times should I forgive?

BeliefThen Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?”  Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times. Matthew 18:21-22(NIV)

So, is it just 77 times?  Some days I think 7 is hard but what is interesting is how many times I have been forgiven.  Due to the millions of times I have been forgiven by God, family, and friends, I would think 77 is just the beginning.  I do not think that Jesus was saying no not 7 but 77.  I truly believe He was saying to Peter that 7 was a standard but I say you cannot forgive enough.

We have all been hurt and for us to forgive it is sometimes impossible.  The question is are you going to allow God to help you?

Also, I think sometimes you need to know you are forgiven to be able to forgive.  A friend sent me this link to a post from Rick Warren that I think helps with the process:

God Says You’re Forgivable

by Rick Warren

I am the God who forgives your sins, and I do this because of who I am. I will not hold your sins against you. (Isaiah 43:25 TEV)

When something starts going wrong in your life, do you automatically think, “God’s getting even with me. I know it! I did that thing I’m ashamed of yesterday (or last year or twenty years ago), and now he’s settling the score”?

Does God really treat his children that way? Absolutely not! Isaiah says God doesn’t hold our sins against us. Once we’ve confessed our sins to him, it’s all forgiven and forgotten, and he doesn’t even bring up the past.

If you’re a Christian, pay close attention to Ephesians 1:4-5: “Even before the world was made, God had already chosen us to be his through our union with Christ, so that we would be holy and without fault before him. Because of his love God had already decided that through Jesus Christ he would make us his children—this was his pleasure and purpose” (GNT).

Do you realize that when God looks at you, he sees you through Jesus Christ? When Jesus died on the cross, he paid for all of your sins, so you are forgiven and they are forgotten.

That’s why becoming a Christian is such GOOD NEWS. I give Jesus my life, and he takes it, forgives me and then gives me a new chance. He says, “Now I see you without a single fault. You stand before me covered with my love.”

Have you been forgiven?  Is God working on you to forgive?  Are you willing to allow Him?

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