Do you do and what do you do it for?

We have doers and complainers and both can be a problem.  If you do everything and it is for the wrong reason, is it really worth it?  If we complain and it leads to complacency then you have to wonder why complain.  Two verses to think about:

Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.  Proverbs 10:4 (NIV)

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.  Philippians 2:3-4 (NIV)

Is the wealth that you seek for yourself  or are your hands moving in love to bring on wealth to you and the people around you?  Is your ambition selfish?  Do you value others above yourself?  Whose interest are you looking out for?

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