Can your faith endure all obstacles?

Financial District, faith, obstacles, loss, money, deal, fallI want to say, “Yes, absolutely!” However, even though I’ve had some tough obstacles in which my faith lifted me above them, I don’t know if I would have the patience/endurance of Job.

In the Bible, the book of Job tells of a righteous man who has everything, Satan gets permission from God to place obstacles in front of Job to test him, Job looses everything, Job questions why, but he never curses God. Instead, he shaves his head, tears his clothes and says:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart.  The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”  Job 1:21

Job endures all of these obstacles and losses. In the end, God restores his health, gives him a new family, and doubles his previous riches.

Do you have that kind of faith?

In my church family, I know of two godly men who have suffered great loss, yet their faith remains as strong as ever. One lost his adult son to suicide. Unexpected and tragic! Yet, this morning he was at church greeting everyone with a smile of welcome and a big handshake.

Another gentleman who has been very involved in the church for years is a local businessman. Several years ago, he invested a lot of money in a local bank. When the economy soured, the bank closed and he lost a great deal of money. I see him and his family every Sunday morning at church. His faith has stayed strong!

To see these two men, you would never know what obstacles that they’ve endured. Their trust in God has never faltered. What inspirational men of God.

Who’s in control of your life? Who do you place your trust in? Have you endured obstacles in your life? How?

 Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?  Why are you crying the blues?  Fix my eyes on God—soon I’ll be praising again.  He puts a smile on my face.  He’s my God.  Psalm 42:5

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  Hebrews 11:1


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