Can you run or even hide?

No!  The real thought is that if God is “Real”, which I assume He is, then there is nowhere you can go to escape Him being with you.

I once heard a minister ask the question that if you could have a video camera follow you everywhere for a week, would you be willing to show it to all your friends.  My first thought was, “If people want to watch me take a shower and use the bathroom that is weird!”; but then I started to think about it.  I wrote on a piece of paper ‘Video Camera’ and put it on my desk at work.  Every time I did something, I started to think ‘Would I want that to be on my video?’  What happened to me then was interesting.  I realized that if someone was watching my every move, I would probably do things differently.

The thought of this post is not to creep you out, but for you to think about how you should act as a person.  To fight hypocrisy you should be the same no matter where you are.  If you are willing to be one thing alone you need to be the same in front of everyone.  Our human nature is not really like this or at least mine is not.

Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the Lord.  “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the Lord.  Jeremiah 23:24 (NIV)

Are you willing to write “video camera” or “God” on a piece of paper and place it where you can see it the majority of the day?  Put in on your desk, TV, or mirror?  Are you willing to seek God to help you change your behavior?

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