Should you be honest about everything?

honest, lie, truth, dishonest, false, not true, peaceThis sounds like a really ignorant question but I feel like the person you are most dishonest with is yourself. During my life, I have noticed that I was not always honest with others and started to believe everything I was telling them.

As I have gotten older, God has put somethings in my path that have helped me to realize this.  I was not being 100% honest with myself, others or even God.  When I realized this, I asked for forgiveness and then started to seek to be 100% honest all the time.  You would think this would be easy but, ‘Wow’, it seems to be something you are tested with all the time starting from the little things to the big issues.  So, I began asking God for help to be honest in everything I do.  I found that I had fear and a low self-esteem that would cause me to hide behind things that are not truthful.

The integrity of the honest keeps them on track; the deviousness of crooks brings them to ruin.  Proverbs 11:3 (MSG)

Wow, this passage is so true!  Since I have been living this way, I found that so many people have told me that I am transparent and they love my honesty.  This is not my honesty but the God I know changing my heart and life.

Are you honest about everything?  Are you willing to tell yourself the 100% truth?  Can you have someone tell you the truth and not be angry with them?  Do you know being dishonest will ruin your life?

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