Do you love your life?

love life, hate life, vacation, trust, seek, know, the breakers, palm beach, west palm beachA while back my family and I went on a vacation.  It was really nice.  We went to the beach and simply relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company as a family.  During our vacation, we had some time where all of our kids and our daughters husbands were with us.  There was one point when we were all sitting around the table for dinner that  I had this deep feeling inside of how much I love my family and how proud I am of them all.  I thought back to when my mom and dad would take us with them on trips and we would have a lot of fun.  Back then I didn’t realize what it would mean as a parent, but now I know.  When family is right, there is nothing better!!

As the vacation was ending, I thought of this verse and how much I did not want it to end:

Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.  Luke 17:33 (NIV)

This passage is talking about when the Kingdom of God is coming back.  When it comes back, the thought is that if you hang onto life, you will loose the Kingdom and if you let go of life, you will preserve the Kingdom.

During my vacation I absolutely loved life.  I even felt sad to think that our vacation would come to an end. I have been questioning my feelings of loving life with my family so much, am I willing to let go and seek God.  As I prayed about this and read the scriptures, I found this version from the Message Bible:

If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.  Luke 17:33 (MSG)

The life with my family is not something I have done, but rather it is a gift from God.  The terms are based on living a life for God and being with my family or doing anything on earth must be for Him.  If this is the case, this family time, being with friends, earning a paycheck, etc. are all things that I could pervert or I could live on God’s terms.

Whose terms are you living on?  Are they yours or God’s?  You know life is seasonal, do you hang on that or enjoy the time you have day by day?  Do you trust God in every step you make?  If God asked you to follow Him and stop everything, would you run to Him?

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