God, will you please let me know You are here?

Born, believe, See, not see, plain, complicated Wow, I have seen so many people cause others to stumble.  Some “Christians” have shown the greatest love I have ever seen and they have shown the most hatred that I have ever seen.  I have seen some leaders, that call themselves Christian, show the least compassion possible.  In the Bible, the religious leaders did this as well.  The passage below is where one religious leader is starting to understand what Jesus is saying and basically asked to hear more about God.  Jesus responds with:

“If I tell you things that are plain as the hand before your face and you don’t believe me, what use is there in telling you of things you can’t see, the things of God?”  John 3:12 (MSG)

God, please let me see more:

  • Look at the creation
  • Look at the hand of God in the Bible where He blessed many countless times and they rejected Him
  • Look at the blessings you have had in your life
  • Look at the peace He has given you
  • Look at the people that are still breathing and living around you every day
  • For me, I can say I have seen miracles in healings, forgiveness, pain, and blessing.  More times than I can count!

Do you let people blind you to God?  Do you show others compassion?  Do you not believe in what He has shown you to date?  Are you turning toward or away from God?  Can you see the things He is showing you as plain as the hand before your face?

Do You Believe? 
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