Should I be fake or transparent?

Emily as Mime in "Check Please"It amazes me how open communication can be the best solution, yet sometimes appears to cause issues.  The slogan “You can’t handle the truth!” comes to mind.

One time I was teaching a lesson on lying and had no idea that people would actually get upset if you teach them that they should not lie.  The reason people seem to get upset was that when you are asked a question about something and if the truth is revealed it could cause more harm than good.  An example is when a person is wearing something that is not right and they ask how it looks.  This could cause the loss of a friend.  People seemed to have experienced this and were genuinely upset.  I thought this class would be a general conversation but instead it got passionate.

Ashamedly, I have lied before and it seems that it was about some of the dumbest things.  When I look back at what caused “the lie”, I see that it was to not cause harm to someone’s feelings or I wanted to be accepted.  All in all, if the truth was told it would have been a lot easier.

The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves.  Proverbs 13:5(NIV)

Do you hate what is false?  Do you want to bring a stench to yourself?  Today concentrate on the fact of telling the truth.  No matter the circumstances always seek the truth.  Can you do it?  If you have some big lies in your life make today a renewing and confess them, ask for forgiveness, and seek the truth.

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