How enduring is God’s Love?

James 1:2-4, Endure in the Lord, love, endure, forever, GodGive thanks to the Lord, for he is good.  His love endures forever.  Psalm 136:1 (NIV)

In Psalm 136 “His love endures forever” is stated 26 times.  In the good time or the bad “His love endures forever”.    When you see your enemies fall or you see good times, it seems easy for us to scream from the hill tops: “His love endures forever!”  But when enemies defeat us and our times are bad it is difficult to scream out: “His love endures forever!”

In this passage it appears that people are reflecting on the history of their culture, the good times and the bad.  And after each reflection it is time to remember: “His love endures forever!”

I know that when everything is going bad my mind is a jumbled mess.  Based on this I need to use any time I can to remember that, “His love endures forever!”  If you are breathing and you can say it, do!  His love endures forever!”

Will you say it now out loud?  Do you tell yourself that God’s love is conditional, limited, or dependent upon your performance?  Looking at Psalm 136 (NIV), which of the wonders listed moves you to thanksgiving?  For me it is Psalm 136:23 (NIV) and “His love endures forever!”

Do You Believe?
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