I am so confused! Do you feel like you do not hear anyone or they cannot hear you? Complete silence?

confused, listen, silence, scream, deafI have been “friends” with many people.  Some have been acquaintances, long time friends or family.  I have seen people turn out to be not who you think they are.  Also, I have thought that I have heard people loud and clear just to find out that I didn’t understand a word they said.  All in all, it seems to be a daily battle to figure out others.  I can see why some choose to be alone due to not communicating correctly.

This aloneness is with people you can see and with a God you do not see.  Sometimes you can be with people all around you and yet you are at the peak of being alone.  Time and time again, friends, family, and God choose to be silent.  They can be silent by talking and by not talking.  It’s difficult! I hope that  you can understand what I am trying to say.  When I get confused in communication, I become self-absorbed and hide or either just scream in frustration.

I think that when I was younger this communication/silence was harder to deal with.  As I get older, it’s still there but I deal with it differently.  When I found this passage it helped me go back to the basics and think about how to respond:

“Pay attention, Job, and listen to me; be silent, and I will speak. Job 33:31 (NIV)

I think you could replace “Job” with your name.  Communicating with silence both in outward (talking) and inward (listening) seems to be a path.  This may seem like a contradiction but it is just taking time to do nothing, think nothing, and feel nothing on your own.  It is time to just sit there and surrender to God.

Are you screaming in a world where no one can hear you?  Are you paying attention to the people around you and to God?  Are you listening?  Do you need to learn something?  Is the silence deafening?  Is it time for you to totally surrender?

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