Wallpaper Woes…

Today I began the process of removing the ugly wallpaper from my kitchen.  The wallpaper clung with a tenacity that amazed me.  For hours, I could only remove the tiniest strips of paper.  The reason, according to the hardware store experts, was that the original installers did not properly prepare the walls with a simple coat of primer.

After hours of using a professional steamer until my arms were weak with the effort, I began having, um, uncharitable thoughts about the lazy people who had caused this situation.  Why hadn’t they taken just a couple of hours to protect these once-perfect walls against this type of damage?

Then God, in His strange and mysterious way, allowed me to see my own similarity to that drywall.  He installed me in this world, and made Himself completely available to me as that layer of protection from the harmful influences of this world.  Yet how often do I truly focus on Him, spend time with Him to keep worldly distractions from clinging to me and damaging my spirit?  I’m as negligent in protecting my spiritual purity as those former homeowners were in properly preparing these walls, which are now a mess.

Lord, let Proverbs 2  be my prayer – help me store up your commands, call out for your insight, search for understanding as for hidden treasure so that I will find your knowledge, receive your wisdom and keep a blameless walk with you as my constant guard and shield.   (Proverbs 2:1-11)

Are you adequately protecting yourself so that worldly things will fall away without marring your spirit?


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