Should you be careful with what you see?

Does what you look at cause issues within you?

I was teaching a youth one day and he told me that over the summer his cousin showed him some pornography.  He said that “it opened a part of his brain that he did not know existed.”  When he said this he looked overwhelmed.  I felt so sad for him.

The reason I felt sad was that what he had seen will never leave his mind.  Time after time I have heard how pornography is an addiction and have seen it kill relationships.  Based how it can be seen today with little to no accountability it is amazing how it is destroying our world but the people that look at it do not think it will.

Do you think what you look at can mold who you are?  Do you think lust on anything can impact your actions?  Do you think the people in pornography are not affected?

A person that smokes for 10 years thinks they can stop anytime they want.  They try and try but it is so hard to stop smoking.  This is what you call an addiction.  If you have tried to stop looking at something and no matter how hard you try and you keep coming back to it, this is an addiction.  If you want to stop you can seek help.  Do you know how?  Do you want it?  Are you who you say you are?

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