Where are you in the race?


I had a chance to run in an 8K race this past weekend. Every time that I run I see why God used racing as an illustration. (Hebrews 11:1-12:3)  This time I had not run in several months, so needless to say, I was out of shape and in the back of the pack of runners.

It is interesting to see how your location has an impact on what you do in the race.

The Leaders:  When you are running a race, you usually pass the runners who are in last place as you are coming back.  The leaders of the race are like machines.  They are focused like a laser and if you nod your head at them or say something when passing them, they do not appear to even notice.  Their bodies are like fine tuned machines running with only one goal:’ to win’.  Nothing seems to break their focus.

Middle of the pack:  I have been there.  These are the people that are giving a lot and have some focus but cannot make it to the leader position.  It is an admiral position, but the focus disables you in having any kind of relationship with others.  In this position, you can give a general ‘hello’ or nod but not much more than this.

In the back:  It seems this is where you can have deep relationshipswith other runners.  You can talk about many topics, know about others’ lives, and everyone has a problem that seems to keep them in the back.  Some of the problems that I have seen are being overweight, health issues, being there for family, out of shape (this was mine), and so on.

Not everyone can be a leader!  It takes a lot to be out in front and it sure does inspire a lot of people.   Most people are in the middle of the pack.  The middle seems to be where people that run ‘the race of life’ are.  The back is where people that are falling out of life but are ready for help, encouragement, and are seeking a true relationship.  I feel like no matter where you are in this race, if you give it all you can, you are where you need to be.  If you are in the leadership role, middle of the pack, or in the back, you need to always keep the perspective of who and where others are.

Where are you in this race of life?  Do you have a good perspective of where people are?  Are you so focused that you are missing what God is calling you to do?

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