Who gets the most out of this site?

Who gets the most out of this site?, post, try, minister, WWJDReading a devotional is good but writing one is better.  As you write one you have the chance to really concentrate on what God is revealing to you.  Sharing this helps you turn it into a deeper thought, which in turn, can glorify God and help others understand Him!

Imagine always going to a restaurant or having someone prepare a meal for you without you ever preparing a meal for someone else.  A lot of us do this but we loose context of the level of preparation for the meal.  Comments coming out of our mouth like: “You make it look easy!” are a sign of us missing the point.  When you have a chance to prepare a meal it becomes more difficult.  Also, you want to do good so you try even harder!  Then when someone eats your food and says how good or bad it is, it becomes a learning moment!  Encouragement or discouragement is the place of growth or extending your territory.

If you are a believer and have been going to church to get something, what is it?  Are you always looking for food to go deeper?  Are you willing to prepare something for others?  What does Jesus want us to do?

This site is a place where you can write anything that God is leading you to; then having it posted.  You can read what people think and the key goal is to Glorify God in all we do!

If you hate Christians, post your thoughts!  If you want to talk about what God is doing, post your thoughts!  If you have questions, post your thoughts!  If you want to help someone understand something you are seeking in God, post it!  If you have a site  where you are doing this, post it!

So, what are you waiting for, post something at: Share

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