Where would Jesus sleep?

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Vacations with extended family can be a lot like following Jesus in that they both require patience, faith, and sacrifice. Patience so you don’t end up jumping off the hotel because your cousin is so annoying, faith that the driver won’t fall asleep at any given moment, and sacrifice the best possible bed for your relatives, so you wind up with a blow up bed.

In all these things, we should remember that we are the annoying relative, and Jesus has patience with us. We should know that Jesus is our driver, and He won’t fall asleep at the wheel, because He wants us to be safe. He did sacrifice the best possible bed for us so He could have the blow up bed. With this being said, if Jesus were to appear on your vacation with you, would you give up your comfy bed so you can sleep on the blow up bed?

What if it was a random strange dude who appeared to be homeless? Would you still give up your comfy bed or would you demote him to the blow up bed? Would you even invite him in?

Jesus tells us that what we do to the least of us we do to him. The way we treated the random homeless dude is the way we treated our Savior. If we don’t acknowledge Him, He in turn won’t acknowledge us.

I’m not saying to invite a random strange homeless dude into your hotel, but I am saying if you do, let him sleep in the comfy bed, and most certainly try to serve the guy.

Will you let him sleep inside, or outside?


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